Design Intelligence
data driven fashion and home design forecast
What is the difference between your fashion & design forecasts and those of your competitors?
We do design forecasts based on (1) trend timeline, (2) shopping data and (3) values of your clients. Values based forecasts give us relevant to your clients trend segmentation. We need shopping data for better customisation. Trends timeline from regular monitoring to measure your clients trend indicator. So we know if your target audience is made of early or late followers, what is their value character(-s). With this data customised ferecat become a matter of mathematics. Design Intelligence by Trendsquire in partnership with DataStories.
What is your methodology?
We launch a test to gather the values and visual preferences of your audience. Then we do the match your shopping data with collected data and the trend timeline to get your audience trend indicator. So we get a holographic picture of actual preferences and values portraits of your audience.*

* design preferences are directly related to values portrait
What do we get in the end?
Data based design and communication strategy for your product, your brand, your audience. We generate a report with key messages, colors, silhouettes, fabrics, furniture, prints and patterns for your design and communication team.
Experience based intuition enriched by data makes very impressive results.

What you'll get
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through effective strategy
Real time picture
We do one shot monitoring to the the trend indicator of your audience now. Making it regular we get the dynamic picture. So mathematical predictive become possible for even more precise results.
Optimization of R&D processes
With Design Intelligence all processes of R&D phase will be faster, more precise and less stressful. You may be able to reduce your effective to do the same job and better.
We form your team to main points of Design Intelligence.
We will help you to het your retention rate higher with relevant rewards and value based match with your clients.
Regular monitoring
More data makes more precise results. We set a regular Design Intelligence (monitoring of trend indicator) for you.
Business Development
You will keep your global vision up to date at any moment. So your business development decisions will be prepared and easy to implement.

How it works?
step by step
Make a forecast for assortment, brand
Data and visual content analysis
Collect only necessary information
Iren Vanidovskaya, creative director Ксенюшка
"When we started to build our brand, many roads were opened to us. We realized that the only way to choose one is to ask our potential clients. But how? You can't just come and ask "What kind of logo is the best for us?". In that moment Trendsquire proposed to make a value survey. Questions and visual content. Suddenly the picture became clear. They finalized 3 different concepts in line with auditory expectation and we picked one we loved. From a messy and stressful situation Trendsquire turned it into a simple decision."

We get necessary information via viral or discount exchanged test responses of your clients. The main point is to get the Value portrait to create client clusters. Prior researches aiming to find out the relationship between value and design is done by Trendsquire.
visual content
visual content
Pictures and their #
Marina Kochurova, founder of Emson kids
"Ksenia (Lery) requested our SKU tables. In the begging I was a bit confused: what for? But it's been almost 2 years that we work together, I was confident. After their analysis, they returned with a presentation made only from pictures. I realized that when they turned our tables into pictures to watch what is the design dynamic."

We focus on sales (through the pictures of most successful or less sold SKU) to get trend & match report on trend sensibility of your clients, plan additional assortment.
Also we match trends with type of SKU and auditory cluster. At this point we import the data into DataStories platform to enable it do it's job: find reliable data based correlations
The Design Intelligence is done in the starting block of R&D process. When Trendsquire does not handles the development (brand, product, promotion plan), regular consulting to bring the project to life can be done for better result.
Result oriented approach
Design Intelligence reports can be as various as the questions we answer to are. For assortment – sets and their characteristics to cover target customer's needs, for design forecast – concepts and visualization, for communication strategy and promotion plan.
A presentation is done for client's team in the way to discuss and offer the possibility to ask questions.
Aesthetics had always expressed mindset since the medieval times. Somehow we forgot it during the recent design history, tracking "commercial" design solutions. In Trendsquire we believe, that a better design can make better world around us. Deep understanding of the real drivers reveals better nature of human being.
It makes a real difference
Enriched by values Big data makes sense for design
Business: quantification of trend
Thanks to our partner platform Data Stories we generate an expressive and easy to handle report on design launching calendar, key assortment positions, key trends to be used for R&D and communication.
Design: metric based features
Trend monitoring and today preferences of a representative group of customers gives us the global picture of what we have to launch in 3 months to 2 years. The tags we use for our visual tests give information about color combination, type of pattern, shapes preferences by cluster of clients.
People: deep dive understating
We use value based auditory clusters. It makes possible targeted communications and R&D by cluster. Please, deliver the massages able to touch your auditory, make them happy with your products.
Anna Arsentieva
Product Director, Vasilisa TM
From our experience, the very first question – is to know what kind of designs our market really wants. Natural traction for one or another design can be really different, it impacts financial results strait way. Sure we monitor international textile exhibitions, but how to know what kind of inspiration will increase our profit? Recently we've done a research to measure trend sensibility of our market. Auditory types and theirs preferences in design give us a good picture for our R&D. It is very valuable to know 1,5 year in advance what kind of designs we will be needing and what kind of resources we have to mobilize for it.
Meet our team
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
Ksenia Lery
Founder & Art Director
15 years of design experience
IF Design Award 2013
French graduated, France, Indonesia and Russia experienced
(Publicis, Dragon Rouge, Jerry Aurum)
Anna Prokhorova
PR and Communication
Design and brand management graduated
E-commerce launch experience: process, implementation, communications (Mexx, Michael Kors, Topshop)

Polina Abramkina
Design & Research
Design and psychology graduated
Experience in building methodology of research
Design and value researches

Tanya Li
Design & Color research
Design graduated
Manufacturer R&D specialist
Product implementation experienced
building strategy, design, communication
Training Program
design, communication and promotion
design (fashion & home)
lifestyle & design trends
Watch webinar Lifestyle 2017/18
promotion & communication
Esther Beckers
Sr Art Director Trends Philips Design Innovation Drivers
Thank you for your webinar! I very much enjoyed your webinar! To me
it was a very refreshing and new view on trends in Russia! I like the thorough approach you take on the trend analysis, looking at lifestyle signals as well as aesthetics, colors and materials. And the exploration of generations and drivers is very helpful, too, because it gives us an idea about who is driving the specific trends and for what reasons.
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